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Details The-Emancipated-a-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from The Emancipated a NovelIt was impertinent in Mrs. Walker to make such reference to me in public. This is the result of my absence and helplessness. I shall write to her - two lines.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of ...

17,40 EUR*
Details Jenny-A-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Jenny: A NovelIt was the close of a tropical day in August in the year 1878, that Henry Everard left his cham bers in Jermyn Street in the cool air of the evening to take a stroll about the streets of London, which possessed for him, as ...

17,10 EUR*
Details Cabin-Fever-a-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Cabin Fever a NovelIt has sweetened love and killed love. There is an antidote but I am going to let you find the anti dote somewhere in the story.Bud Moore, ex-cow-puncher and now owner of an auto stage that did not run in the winter ...

17,20 EUR*
Details Phemie-Keller-Vol-2-of-3-A-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Phemie Keller, Vol. 2 of 3: A NovelIt was one of those houses every man thinks he should like to own - large enough for any income - comfortable enough never to appear stately: a house that the sun's beams seemed always to fall on warmly ...

17,30 EUR*
Details New-Grub-Street-Vol-3-of-3-A-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from New Grub Street, Vol. 3 of 3: A NovelIt was by force of commiserating his own lot that Edwin Reardon continued to live through the first month after his parting from Amy Once or twice a week, sometimes early in the evening, sometimes at ...

15,10 EUR*
Details A-Choice-of-Evils-Vol-1-of-3-A-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from A Choice of Evils, Vol. 1 of 3: A NovelIt was his own property. He had purchased it on his retirement from active service some fifteen or sixteen years before, when prices at Langford were considerably lower than at the date of this true ...

17,00 EUR*
Details Ralph-Ryder-of-Brent-Vol-3-of-3-A-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Ralph Ryder of Brent, Vol. 3 of 3: A NovelIT seemed to Nanny and to Valentine Eley, as they stood outside the door of the room in which the death-struggle had taken place, that the few minutes which followed would never end.About the ...

14,60 EUR*
Details To-His-Own-Master-Vol-1-of-3-A-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from To His Own Master, Vol. 1 of 3: A NovelIt would be hard to give a list of the good things that a Kind Hand - let us call it by the right name, not chance or Provi dence - had heaped upon this young man's head.About the PublisherForgotten ...

17,30 EUR*
Details Henry-Powers-Banker-How-He-Achieved-a-Fortune-and-Married-A-Novel-Classic-Reprint

Excerpt from Henry Powers: Banker; How He Achieved a Fortune, and Married; A NovelIt is not then from any desire for greater distinction or notoriety that I indulge the public. Possibly the best reason I' can give, is that it Is my The summer is ...

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Details Love-What-Happened-Here-Vinyl-Maxi-Single-Vinyl-Maxi-Single-Vinyl-Maxi-Single-Vinyl-Maxi-Single-Vinyl-Maxi-Single

1 x Vinyl 12", EP, 45 RPM, 33 1/3 RPM UK 2012Black Side A1 - Love What Happened Here (5:35) Silver Side B1 - At Birth (4:35) B2 - Curbside (4:14)

28,40 EUR*
Details Entitled-White-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

White Vinyl ,,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) - White Vinyl - .Label: DC-Jam Records.Publishe

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Details Service-Limited-Transparent-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

limited Transparent Vinyl ,,NEU (OVP) - limited Transparent Vinyl - .Label: Music On Vinyl.Published: 2016/1

17,99 EUR*
Details Dear-Science-Coloured-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

black vinyl ,,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) - black vinyl - .Label: 4ad.Published: 2008/Ori

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Details Motivator-LtdClear-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

Orange Vinyl ,,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) comes with inserts - Orange Vinyl - .Label: Hi

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Details Fear-Limited-White-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

White Vinyl ,,NEU (OVP) - White Vinyl - .Label: Music On Vinyl.Published: 2016/FIRST PRESSING OF 1000 NUMBER

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Details Bobby-Vee-Ltd180g-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

HQ-Vinyl ,,NEU / VERSCHWEISST - HQ-Vinyl - .Label: Vinyl Lovers.Published: 2015/(Reissue Stereo) 'Sleeves no

15,99 EUR*
Details Dmas-Ep-White-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

White Vinyl ,,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) OIS - White Vinyl - .Label: Infectious Music Lt

24,36 EUR*
Details A-Constant-Moth-Colored-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

colored Vinyl ,,NEU (OVP) - colored Vinyl - .Label: Ghostly Int..Published: 2014/Himmelblaues Vinyl! Limitie

31,36 EUR*
Details Ufo-Colored-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP


15,42 EUR*
Details Midland-Vinyl-Single-Vinyl-Single

Vinyl Single ,,NEU (OVP) - Vinyl Single - .Label: Vertigo.Published: 2014

16,99 EUR*
Details Sloe-GinLtdVinyl-ed-Vinyl-LP

180 GRAM VINYL ,,Zustand Vinyl:NM,Cover:NM (Goldmine Standards) Original Inner Sleeve. - 180 GRAM VINYL - .

10,99 EUR*
Details Maschine-Limited-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

Ltd. Vinyl ,,NEU / VERSCHWEISST - Ltd. Vinyl - .Label: Heart Of Berlin.Published: 2014

21,86 EUR*
Details Tribute-to-the-Lady2-Bonus-Tracks-Ltd180g-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP-Vinyl-LP

180g ,,NEU / VERSCHWEISST - 180g - .Label: Vinyl Lovers.Published: 2016

24,99 EUR*
Details Islands-200g-Vinyl-Vinyl-LP

HQ-Vinyl ,,NEU / VERSCHWEISST. - HQ-Vinyl - .Label: Panegyric.Published: 2014/(Reissue Remastered) '- The o